CoCAN is pleased to share information with the child welfare community in the St. Louis Region. If you have something to share, consider posting it to our Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn pages. We are especially interested in updates and events from our member agencies, advocacy alerts, cutting edge research, and news items of interest to our stakeholders.

Email Blasts and Home Page updates are limited to Action Alerts, CoCAN sponsored events, and occasionally other items as directed by Board.

Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) focuses on member agencies, their upcoming events, research, advocacy alerts, and news items of interest to the child welfare community. Posted items will be from reputable sources, with original sourcing when possible. The general public can post to our social media pages. CoCAN may remove posts that are not appropriate to our audience or goals. While CoCAN is unlikely to post job openings, if an agency posted an opening on our pages, that would be acceptable on a case by case basis.

The Public Relations Committee handles all website updates, email blasts, and social media updates. The committee members consult each other as needed, and if an update is questionable, will consult the Board Chair or alternate prior to posting.

Questions about how we share information? Contact us at


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